Eyes On is a fun booze-filled late-night talk show with a twist. Though the format has connections to a traditional late night talk show, it is anything but your average show. Host Stephen Eyes leads the charge along with his trusty sidekick + DJ, Kaleb Robertson. We’ve done a 12-hour marathon show that had thousands of attendees throughout the night and nearly 100 guests. Stephen has gotten tattooed live on stage for the entire show while doing interviews. Random pregnancy tests have been given to members of the audience and had the results revealed at the end of the show. Anything can and does happen.

The show is a raucous and (often) drunken event shot in the infamous and historic Gladstone Ballroom. The audience drinks, the guests drink and Stephen and Kaleb most definitely drink. We’re taking the traditional studio talk show and putting it right smack in the middle of a bar, enabling a deeper connection of audience and guests.

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